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DAYZ landscape | weekly planner academic year 2023 – 2024

36.00 / On Sale

weekly diary / planner / calendar

Date range: Start 2023 — Mid 2024
1 week on 1 page, horizontal layout + 9 Months in compressed preview
82 pages

Pocket size A6+ (162 mm × 102 mm – based on the golden ratio)

Only the DAYZ planner unites three functions: as wall calendar for overview, a desk calendar that keeps your planning in sight and as a pocket planner that is always with you.

This new edition of DAYZ offers the full calendar year 2023 as well as the academic year 2023— 2024 in one product. Enjoy the freedom to start your new year when you are ready.

DAYZ is your life design tool for perfect overview, for easy handling and quick entries. It enables you make quick and well informed choices. And if you like minimalistic clear design, even better! Learn more about this simple and efficient tool at the product page.

DAYZ comes in a variety of color schemes. Tell us your color choice in the popup menu above.

DAYZ is created by Magdalena Thur and Michael Augsten, a team of designers based in Vienna. Connect for updates and offers.